Frame by frame… memories happen.
I capture them.

That is my motto.

Hello, there. My name is Julia Elizabeth Evans. A year or so ago, I graduated from Tufts University with a philosophy degree in law, ethics, and society.  Between papers and classes, I went out with my father’s 1968 Canon SLR and taught myself darkroom photo processing.  Upon acquiring a DSLR and discovering videography, I taught myself video editing on Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and more recently on After Effects.

Do you appreciate quality?  Yes!

That’s great! Production is my passion, and I have a very discerning aesthetic.

New Orleans Video Access Center’s ( NOVAC ) recognized my talent in videography and technical (i.e. software editing) production.  I am the recipient of the NOVAC’s 2015 Joshua Short Scholarship. As a result, my idea for a documentary film project got off the ground in September.  Corner shops & Cornerstones is currently in production.

Do you enjoy making memories?  Yes!

I do, too! I have this saying, “compassion is passion, fulfilled.”  Others may call it a mission statement. I think of it more as a philosophy.

The idea of a compassionate photographer is the most important part of this “about me” page.  I truly believe the role as photographer/videographer is just as much about supporting others as it is about working a camera.   I work one-on-one with every single client.  My rates are affordable.  My spirit is affable and open.


I am always willing to work with you and your budget. If you are interested in hiring me, please contact me.